Comic-Con San Diego!

Well, we've just returned from San Diego Comic-Con where we plugged Herald the RPG to anyone who would listen, showed our awesome Kickstarter video to thousands of people at the Action Lab Comics booth and rubbed elbows with some amazing artists, writers and game creators!

Here's a picture of Ravendesk Director, Alexander with John Reilly, writer of the Herald comic and Savage Worlds inventor Shane Lacy Hensley himself! It's hard to write this without gnashing my teeth in jealousy, but rumor has it that Alexander got to play a game of Deadlands after the convention with Shane and comrades!

We've also released an update to the kickstarter revealing a list of community goals that can be unlocked by liking the Herald RPG Facebook page. The first one is unlocked already, and it means we'll be creating a custom 54-card deck of playing cards for use with your Savage Worlds games. We haven't posted this on the KS page yet, but here's the card art!

Lee PruittComment