Welcome to the 1920's! A decade filled with adventure and the spirit of invention.  

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This is the Jazz Age, the days of dangerous new technology, of cults, talismans, kidnappings, coded messages, mafia-controlled moonshine, mysterious transatlantic plane disappearances, stunning astronomical discoveries and breakthroughs in the burgeoning field of quantum physics.

Underneath it all, a cabal of smiling villains pushes their plan to relegate humanity to the ash heap of unrecorded history. But there are those who do their part to keep the world safe from the unnatural invaders from beyond the stars. Yes, beyond. Unspeakable elder gods and Mythos creatures are arriving from far, far away, while others are awakening at last from deep, deep below. This is where you come in. Welcome to the Mythos Resistance.
Science meets Fiction in the Roaring Twenties.

This sourcebook greatly expands the ongoing Action Lab comic book series into a fully realized, officially licensed Savage Worlds setting. New options for player characters include new Edges, new Hindrances, over 50 pregenerated ready-to-play historical characters, Tesla-tech weapons and inventions, dozens of 1920s vehicles, items, and NPCs, H. P.’s Mythos creature bestiary, detailed maps and location information for Providence, Arkham, Miskatonic University, and many of the other hot-spots around the world, One Sheets, adventures, plot point campaigns, and much, much more.

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