New Herald PDFs released to backers

One of the fantastic things that we've learned about crowdfunding an rpg project is that the community is eager to get involved and help with the actual development of the game. Be it through playtesting or just discussing mechanics over email, we've found our backers to be an amazing resource. By releasing our first "final" version of the pdf to our backers before going to print, we have used our community to help ferret out any typos or inconsistencies in the text. That's super useful for a small team working on a tight budget!

The final version PDFs for Herald: Lovecraft & Tesla the RPG are available to backers as of yesterday, and the Kickstarter exclusive adventure by John Reilly and Pete Sauber will be released in the next few days. Here's a peek at the cover, inspired by Weird Tales magazine of yore. The print edition of this fantastic adventure is just for Kickstarter backers, but we hope non-backers will get a chance to try it out in an adventure collection, sometime in the future. 

Now that we've gotten the backers the final version of the main Herald setting book, we're getting a jump on sales by selling digital versions of the book early, direct from our new web store. If you know someone who is interested in grabbing a copy before the book hits stores. Let them know--the Mythos Resistance needs all the help they can get!

Lee Pruitt